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St Botolph’s Church exists to honour God and to enable open-minded, questioning people to discover for themselves the significance of Jesus Christ


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We are currently in the process of revising our website. Whilst much of the information currently displayed will be informative please check times etc prior to visiting us.

St Botolph’s Church exists for all who wish to worship God in a spirit of Christian love and fellowship

During the Coronavirus Lockdown we are limited in the activities that take place, however, we do intend (government regulations permitting) to hold a Sunday service each week, currently at 09.45 am.

Enquiries regarding Pastoral matters, Weddings or Bereavements should initially be addressed to:- Canon Paul Norrington tel. 01206 563478 paul.nozzer@btinternet.com

Enquiries regarding Service times and general operation of the Church should be addressed to the Churchwardens:- Ron Levy tel. 01206 574210 or David Poppleton 01206 570725 poppletons21@gmail.com

Enquiries regarding booking of the Church or Hall facilities should be addressed to :- Marion Branson 01206 570260 branson@uwclub.net

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Joe Bloggs

Joe Bloggs


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Desmond Eagle

Desmond Eagle

Church Warden

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